Rego Check WA Free – Renewal and Transfer in 2020

This guide will help you to know the complete procedure of Rego check WA. We have also covered Renewal and transfer methods and issues.

Western Australia is one of the biggest states known for its sensational landscapes, home of breathtaking beaches, and vibrant bar culture.

Millions of tourists every year visit WA, there are more than 1.6 million registered vehicles on WA roads. The Department of Transport in WA is conscious of keeping all the tourists, passengers, and drivers safe.

One of the most concerns to maintain safety on WA roads is to ensure that the vehicle registration is valid and up to date.

The rego is the car registration document that identifies your vehicle; a WA rego check lets the drivers know if the car has been in an accident and written off or there are any problems with the car and changed the owners a lot.

In Western Australia, now you can check your vehicle registration and all details via the Transport Department. You can efficiently perform a free WA rego check at the WA Department of Transport website.

Complete Process Step by step

The process of vehicle registration and license check is straightforward in West Australia.

You must have a valid registration in WA, and its owner’s responsibility to ensure the vehicle is maintained before driving on the roads of WA.

A free rego check WA can be done online at the Department of Transport’s website;

  • whether a vehicle has a valid registration in WA
  • check the expiry date of rego
  • CTP (Compulsory Third Party) insure and its expiry date
  • check any written off, registration restriction or cancellation in the state
  • To confirm the model and body type of the vehicle.

Free Rego checking Process in WA 

In Western Australia, all vehicles require an inspection before registration for the first time.

Your vehicle would need an examination before registration if your car had certain modifications, cited for safety defects, and has a yellow sticker by police or after laps in the record.

However, WA doesn’t require the inspection upon interstate transfer only if the vehicle owner is the same, and he owned the vehicle for more than 12 months.

Here is the process:

Visit the WA Govt website and enter the registration number.

It will show all the details of the vehicle and license, as you can see in the screenshot.

rego check wa


Rego checking WA apps:

Now you can also check free rego with android and IOs apps. These apps are available on the app store of Android and iPhone.

Install this app and check out the vehicle details.

Purchasing or Selling a Vehicle in Western Australia

WA is the most liberal and advanced state when it comes to registering a vehicle.

Step to follow;

  • Both the buyer and seller must complete the transfer form together.
  • Buyer must provide the address in WA, the seller needs to send the seller’s copy (green part of the transfer form) to the Department of Transport WA. The red part of the form is for the buyer and must be filed by the buyer.
  • If the vehicle owner is under 26 years, the buyer then also must complete the ‘Fitment of an immobilizer declaration for new registration in WA.
  • The seller must deliver the following document to the Department of Transport WA in person:
  1. Proof of identity and both forms
  2. Proof of address in WA
  • The buyer always pays the transfer fee and tax for the new registration of a vehicle.

Process of New Rego Registration (Expired or Transfer from Different State)

In Western Australia, there are some rules you need to follow if you are buying a vehicle without rego.

Step to follow in WA;

  • A rego and technical check are required for the vehicle to obtain WA RWC. You must have an approved anti-theft device to pass the mechanical test.
  • However, if a vehicle registered in WA and is expired less than three months, then a technical checkup is not mandatory. You have to pay the rego from the expiry date.
  • The seller must provide the purchasing receipt which shows;
  1. The model and make a year of the vehicle
  2. Vehicle Identification Number and plate number of the car
  3. Price and date of sale
  4. Name and proof of address
  • The buyer then completes both form Proof of Identity and Application to License Vehicle. 
  • Both buyer and seller must go to the Department of Transport where the buyer provides the RWC (Inspection certificates) along with two identity proofs, proof of address, and a bank card.
  • The seller will hand over the number plate from the previous state.


Why do you need a valid vehicle registration in WA?

All the owners and drivers are responsible for driving a vehicle with a valid registration on WA roads.

In Western Australia, the state has strict penalties if they caught a vehicle without valid registration.

Without a valid registration in WA, it may lead to the cancellation of your driving license.

WA Rego Renewal

WA registration renewal is straightforward. You can renew your registration by phone or even online at services Western Australia.

Boat rego check WA:

To check Rego status of Boat or Marine, you need to visit Transport WA:

Here you can do

  • New registration of Marine
  • Pay your boat Licence fee
  • Check your boat or Marine status

There are multiple payment options available for a license fee of Marine. You should visit and check this web page before buying or selling a boat. Govt also has a section for purchasing the selling of boats.


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