Rego Check SA Registration ,Renewal and Transfer in South Australia

It is a complete Guide to perform Rego Check SA. We have also shared Registration, Transfer and Renewal methods in detail.

Safe and sound driving is fun!! Only thoroughly inspection of the vehicle makes the ride more pleasant and exciting.

Vehicle registration and inspection are not only needed by all state law but also they are essential for everyone safety.

In South Australia, the document which verifies your vehicle registration is known as the Rego.

Here you can read an easy guide to perform Rego Check SA. All the details are up to date us need to follow step by step procedure.

Mostly the privately owned vehicle doesn’t need to be inspected to be legally driven or interstate registration transferred to SA.

All vehicles with some modification such as the engine, wheelbase, chassis, brakes, seating capacity, steering or suspension changes, etc. must require a slip/certificate of roadworthiness before registration.

There are also several other categories of vehicles which require certificate/slip in QA. i.e.

  • All vehicles that are written off previously.
  • Vehicles which are safety fault cited by police.
  • Homemade vehicles such as kit cars or classic car rebuilt cars.
  • Vehicles that are transferred from interstate and seven years old and have weight more than 4.5 tones or 10,000 lbs.
  • Busses which have more than 13 person seating capacity.

There are several methods to check Rego online in South Australia. You can also check via phone through apps.

Rego check SA Complete procedure

Visit Rego Check SA, and you will see different option along with guidelines.

If you are checking the Rego whether your vehicle has valid registration or no, you can click the first option.

You need to know as a car owner that your car is well enough and register before buying.

Enter the vehicle’s plate number and click next.

rego check SA

It will show all the details.

SA rego check

Govt of Australia regularly make changes and update rules for vehicles.

You can check the news to keep yourself updated with the new law for Vehicles in SA.

Otherwise, there are chances that your vehicle can face any issue related to copyrights.

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Govt of South Australia is making significant efforts to keep all the vehicles according to law.

So I will advise registering your vehicles as soon as possible.

What is Rego?

Rego is the registration document which identifies your vehicle.

It is the series of unique number or letter assigned to the vehicles by road traffic authority up registration of the vehicle.

Besides, It is necessary to have a valid Rego before to drive a car/vehicle on the road in Australia.

While It is also mandatory that Rego must also be in the same name as the owner of the car/vehicle.

Important instructions about Rego check SA

You must transfer the Rego to your name upon purchasing the vehicle.

Compulsory Third Party (CTP) insurance also included with Rego in all state of Australia except New South Wales, where you need to buy it separately from the insurance company at the renewal of Rego.

It is also known as “green slip.”  This insurance would cover all the injuries inflicted on a third party person if you met an accident.

However, CTP doesn’t cover the material losses or damages; you need to go with full coverage plan.

Most often, people prefer to buy a vehicle along with a current Rego.

In Australia, every state runs and sets their law for road safety and registration, but the owner has a choice to choose the duration of Rego, for 3, 6 or 12 months.

To transfer the Rego on your name, you must go in person to the territory/state of the registration to present your documents.

Only in Western Australia (WA), they accept the paper by mail, so if you are buying a vehicle registered in WA, the Rego transfer will be much easier.

Vehicle Registration in Australia

As every state has its own rules and regulation concerning the Rego.

It is essential to learn the law and legislation of the state where you are buying the vehicle.

If you’re facing any issue or need information about registration, please keep reading, in this article you will learn everything about registration and renewal of the vehicle.

Some states require a mandatory Rego check at the time of renewing the Rego (NT, NSW) or when buying/selling (QLD, ACT, VIC).

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Rego check is a technical checkup; it is also known as Pink slip or e-safety slip which verifies that your vehicle is safe and ready to go for the road.

So you need to be present in the state at the time of changing ownership or carrying out the technical Rego check.

Upon purchasing, the previous owner must provide you with the receipt of purchasing along with following vehicle information:

  • Names, signatures, and addresses, of the seller and buyer.
  • The make and model;
  • Colour of the vehicle;
  • Year;
  • The Vehicle Identification Number (VIN);
  • The plate number of a car;
  • Selling date and price;

If you’re transferring the Rego to your name after purchase, you must provide the details mentioned above and present in person at the transportation office of the state where Rego was registered.

Western Australia (WA) is the only exception state which accepts the documents via mail.

Purchasing or selling a vehicle in SA (South Australia)

The process is straightforward if you are selling or buying a car within South Australia, where the car is already registered.

Both parties shall complete the transfer form, and the seller will then send his seller copy or any notice of disposal to the state transportation office. The buyer must present his documents in person in the transportation office.

Steps to follow in South Australia

1 – Both buyer and seller must complete together with the transfer form of the vehicle. You can find this form on the back of the registration certificate.

In case, if the seller has lost it, then the seller must need to complete an Application for Replacement Registration Certificate to obtain a new one in SA.

2- The seller then needs to send a seller copy “part B” of the form to the transportation department in SA.  As mentioned above, it must have names, signatures, and addresses of both buyer & seller, Vehicle Identification Number (VIN), price, date of sale, and plate number.

3- The buyer then goes to the nearest bank and fills & stamps the proof of address in South Australia.

  Rego Check NSW - Registration and Renewal Process 2020

4- The buyer should then present in person to the transportation office in SA along with the following documents;

    A transfer form;

   B Three proof of identity, number of valid visas (if you are an immigrant);

   C Proof of address in South Australia;

   D Receipt of purchase.

5- Last, the buyer must need to pay the tax & transfer fee.

Process of New Registration, Expired or Transferred from another State to SA

In Australia, every state runs and sets their law for road safety and registration. Still, most often, all the light vehicles which are more than five years old must need to pass Rego safety check before it can register in Australia.

It is mandatory to follow the same procedures and steps upon purchasing a new vehicle without a valid Rego in SA.

If you are changing the Rego to South Australia, you only need a Vehicle Identity Inspection.

However, if the seller has the original Registration Certificate on his name, then he can change a Rego without Vehicle Identity Inspection to South Australia.

Here are the steps for transferring a vehicle from one state to South Australia

1- The Vehicle Identity Inspection from a police station or Vehicle Inspection Station.

2- The buyer then goes to the nearest bank to fill out the proof of address in SA and should complete the form ‘‘Application for Registration and Third Party Insurance ”;

3- Both parties need to go to the Transportation office in SA. Where the seller will provide the plates from the previous sate. The buyer will submit the form, three identities, Vehicle Identity Inspection Report, proof of address and the buying receipt.

Rego Renewal in SA (South Australia)

Renewing Rego in all state is very simple. You can do it via phone, internet or even in person.

However, some states like NT, Tasmania, and NSW; you need a transaction number or billing number.

Usually, for the NSW and NT cars which are older than five years, A technical check is mandatory before renewing the Rego.

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