Rego Renewal in QLD, SA, WA, and all other States in Australia

In this article, we have covered the Rego Renewal Procedure in Queensland, Victoria, NSW, Tasmania, and all other states in Australia. You can also read solutions for many common issues.

Driving an unregistered car and even parking it on a public street is an illegal act in Australia. This act is punishable with hefty fines in every State of Australia. In Victoria, if you drive an unregistered vehicle, you will be fined $758-The fine amount is more or less the same in every State of Australia.

What is Rego?

A rego is a motor-vehicle registration document, which is unique to every Vehicle.  It identifies your Vehicle. A car without it or with an expired rego cannot be used or parked in a public street. It is necessary to renew Rego when it expires. It must be in the name of the owner of the Vehicle.

Every State of Australia has different rego renewal regulations. This article includes the procedure to renew your Rego in all the States of Australia with important links and relevant information.

Rego Renewal in NSW

The government of New South Wales has made it easy for its citizens by offering the facility of online registration and vehicle registration renewal online. You can renew your vehicle registration from the Service NSW website.

Before renewing your registration, make sure that your Vehicle has its annual inspection. Another pre-requisite for vehicle registration is CTP insurance. If you have them both, then you can renew your vehicle registration. Still, in the following circumstances, you can only restore the listing in person at a service center and not online.

  • If the Vehicle is unregistered for more than three months.
  • So, if the Vehicle is conditionally registered and requires an inspection or changes to operating conditions.
  • If you have applied for a particular number plate and you have not received it yet.

If you are not in NSW, you can still renew your registration.


What do you need for Renewal?

  • Vehicle’s number plate or billing number.
  • Compulsory third-party insurance. (Not for conditional vehicles).
  • An eSafety inspection report, also known as a pink slip. Pink slips are applicable for six months from the date of issue.
  • Concession details (If applicable).

Methods to pay for Renewal:

  • Online – pay with BPAY or credit card.
  • In-person – pay by cash, EFTPOS, credit card, or cheque at any service center.
  • Phone – pay by credit card by calling our interactive voice response system on 1300 360 782 or speak to a customer service officer on 13 77 88
  • Post – send a cheque or credit card authority and your registration renewal notice to Service NSW, PO Box 21, Parkes NSW 2870


Renew process in TAS

A vehicle Rego must be renewed within three months after the expiry. If it is not replaced within three months, then the Vehicle must go through an inspection and re-registering procedure.

The registration can be renewed for different terms depending on the weight of the Vehicle. If it is more massive than 4.5 tones, the owner has options of 6 and 12 months. Light vehicles (less than 4.5 tones) registration can be renewed for 3,6 and 12 months.

Your Renewal notification will include your concession details if you are eligible for it. If you think you qualify, and the renewal notice doesn’t include such ,information then visit any Tasmania Service Center.

Payment Methods:

You can pay online from the website Service Tasmania or through BPAY. Before payment, check the back of your registration notice where payment method will be mentioned and keep the note with you while making the payment as you will need to enter the payment number.

You can also pay for the Renewal directly from your bank account. If you find online payment inconvenient for any reason, then you can pay the charges at any Australia Post outlet in person.


Renewal in SA 

Owners of vehicles, motorbikes, and light-trailers in South Australia can renew their Vehicle’s registration from the website SA.GOV.AU

What you need for registration renewal

At the time of registration renewal, you will need to enter the payment number. If you do not have the payment number for any reason, then you can enter the following information:

  • The driver’s license or client number of the registered owner
  • Vehicle Registration Plate Number


Payment methods:

You can pay your registration renewal charges directly from your bank account. You will need to create an account with the South Australia government to make renewal payments through your account. Follow this link to create the account SA.GOV.AU

You can set up monthly, quarterly, or annual payments using the account.

Your vehicle registration will be renewed as per the direct debit agreement, and an electronic certificate will be provided on the account after the payment. You will be notified through an SMS or Email before the Renewal due date so that you have enough time to make the funds available in your bank account, required for the Renewal.

You can also pay the charges through your smartphone by installing the EzyReg app. This app also stores the history of your payments.

To make payment using an automated telephone service card call 1300 361 021 and pay by your Mastercard or Visa credit/debit.

To make payment in-person visit any outlet of Australia Post, Service SA customer service, or Service agents.

When you renew your registration, you must declare any input tax credit (ITC) entitlement.


Renewal in WA

In Western Australia, if you do not renew your vehicle registration within three months of expiry, then you are obligated under the law to return your vehicle number plates to the Department of Transport; otherwise you will be penalized with an additional amount. After returning the number plates, the owner then needs to apply for a new license.

Light and Heavy vehicles’ licenses can be renewed for 3, 6, and 12 months.

Payment Methods:

There are multiple ways to choose from, for paying your license renewal fee in Western Australia.

  • The renewal fee can be paid by using the online payment system of the Department of Transport (DOT Payment
  • You can pay through BPAY.
  • By post
  • And you can also pay it in person at any Department of Transport office/agent or Driver and Vehicle Service Center.

 Rego Renewal in VIC

Like Western Australia, in Victoria, if you do not renew your vehicle registration within three months of expiry, then you are obligated under the law to return your vehicle number plates to the Department of Transport.

The Government of Victoria sends renewal notice six weeks before the registration due date.

  You can pay the license renewal fee in Victoria by:

  • Online through the State Government Website. An electronic certificate will be provided on the account after the payment.
  • Using Visa or Master Card.
  • BPAY using your cheque, savings, or debit card. Provide biller code and account reference written on the renewal notice.
  • Call 1300 086 314 and pay using VISA or Mastercard.
  • You can also pay it in person at the nearest Australia post office.

What you need for registration renewal

  • Certificate of Roadworthiness
  • Vehicle Registration Plate Number
  • Concession details (If applicable).


Rego Renewal in QLD

What do you need for QLD registration renewal?

  • Renewal Notice
  • Payment Reference Number
  • Registration number and Customer reference number.
  • You would be notified in the renewal notice if your Vehicle needed a Certificate of Inspection.

You will be notified about the registration renewal four weeks before the registration due date. The late fee will be charged if the renewal registration is not done on or before the due date.

Payment Methods

  • Renewal plates Online– You can use this method to pay for rego renewal of your Vehicle and boat. You cannot use this source if your Vehicle requires a Certificate of Inspection. Visit Renew Registration to pay using your card.
  • Direct Debit-You can pay your registration renewal charges directly from your bank account. You will need to create an account with Transport and Motor Department of Queensland government to make renewal payments through your account.

Note: Boat owners can only select a 12-month registration period.

  • BPAY-You will need to enter the following details to pay through BPAY
  1. BPAY biller code
  2. Payment Reference Number
  3. Your registration term as provided in the renewal notification

NOTE: BPAY payment takes a few days to proceed, so if you are already late on your payment choose another payment method to avoid the late fees.

  • On a few occasions, you must make payment in person to avoid late fees. To make payment in-person visit any outlet of Australia Post, Costumer service, or any Queensland Government Location e.g., Police Station, Magistrates Court Office,, and Queensland Government Agency Program Office.


Rego Renewal in ACT

You will be notified before the due date of registration renewal with an SMS or an email. Your registration will be canceled if you do not renew it for 12 months after the expiry. Once the registration is canceled, it cannot be renewed but re-established.

What do you need for registration renewal?

  • Notice reference number located on the registration renewal notice.


  • Number plate
  • The last four digits of Chassis or Vehicle Identification Number

Payment Methods

  • Renewal plates Online: Rego renewal can be done online on the official website of ACT Government.  You must check your address details with ACT because once the Renewal is completed your Certificate of Registration will be sent on your nominated postal address.

NOTE: It takes 3 business days for the Transport Department to receive the payment and 7 days to send the Certificate of Registration.

you can pay using Visa and Master Card only.

  • In-person: If you have not received your renewal notice then it is a good option to visit nearest ACT service center to renew your registration since it only requires Vehicle number plate details. You can also renew your registration at any Australia Post outlet, but it requires Registration Renewal notice.

NOTE: An annual inspection is compulsory for public vehicles and for vehicles that run on LNG and CNG. Vehicles heavier than 4.5 tons require Annual Roadworthiness Inspection every two years.



What is a pink slip?

A pink slip is an inspection report which verifies that your Vehicle is safe for driving on a public road.

What is the penalty for driving an unregistered car?

The fine amount for driving the unregistered Vehicle in the different States of Australia are:

  1. 608 dollars in New South Wales
  2. 758 dollars in Victoria
  3. 384 dollars in South Australia
  4. 285.5 dollars in Tasmania
  5. 660 dollars in ACT
  6. 250 dollars in Western Australia
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