Rego check TAS – Complete Vehicle Registration details in Tasmania

Rego check TAS is the best service for checking the details of a vehicle in Tasmania. Tasmania Government website is providing this free Rego check TAS service.

All you have to do is to visit and enter the plate number of the vehicle in the search bar upon clicking the search button, It will turn up all the details about the registration which includes vehicle make, model, manufacturer year, color, registration status (either canceled or not), expiry of registration.

Here is a step by step procedure:

For online checking, visit Rego check in TAS and enter the registration number.


Then it will show all the details of the vehicles after clicking the search button, like the one in the below example

rego check Tas

Things to check before buying a Vehicle

If you are planning to buy a vehicle in Tasmania or any State you need to check the outstanding security interest on the vehicle in the first place on the same day or before the day of the purchase on PPSR (Personal Property Securities Register).

If you purchase or lease a vehicle that owes debt and at any time if a seller stops making due payments, then there are chances that the financial institution with whom the vehicle is leased will show up on your doorstep and will take the vehicle away.

Here is a step by step process:

  • Visit which is a direct link to a quick motor vehicle search
  • Provide VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) or Chasis number.
  • Provide payment details, as it will charge only 2$ for getting the required information.

PPSR Motor-vehicle search VIN

If you are transferring an interstate registration to Tasmania, you must need a safety inspection certificate.

If you have a vehicle whose registration expired previously or canceled for more than three months, you will also need a safety inspection before listing.

All vehicles that are written off and repaired, or you converted from left hand to right-hand drive also need a safety inspection before registration in TAS. If you are driving an unregistered vehicle it can create a lot of issues in this state and is a serious offense.

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