Rego Check NSW – Registration and Renewal Process 2020

It is an easy guide to check Rego in NSW. We have written a complete guide for checking the details of a vehicle registered in New South Wales for free. So keep reading the manual, and let us know if you have any queries in the comment.


Before checking the details of a vehicle in New South Wales, you need to be sure that the car is registered in NSW and has a valid registration number plate.


Those customers are eligible for free Rego Check in NSW who have a vehicle previously or currently registered in NSW.

The Info Rego check Portal Will Provide:

After the registration number is entered in the search bar, it will provide the following details.

  • The expiry date of the registration of a vehicle.
  • Any suspension or cancellation of the registration.
  • Any additional registration restrictions.
  • Total weight of the vehicle.
  • The CTP (Compulsory Third Party) Insurance details. It will provide the CTP Insurance expiry date, the insurer’s name and insurer’s code.

Moreover, just for payment of 22$ on the Official Govt site of NSW, it will provide the following detailed information of the vehicle’s complete history report including the written-off detail anywhere in Australia (if any) from 2004.

This report will also provide information about the first registration date of the vehicle in NSW. The total number of owners past and current the car has in NSW. Additionally, it will provide information about joint owners or operators too.

The most important news this report offers is that if the vehicle or its registration number plates or its engine are stolen.

The last and not least, this report will acknowledge that if the car is used as a taxi/hire car. As those vehicles which are used for point to point, transportation needs to have a safety inspection every year.

Here is a sample of the Vehicle History Report.

How to Check the details of Vehicle in NSW?

  1.  First, visit the official Site of Service NSW here.
  2. Then look for the button Check Online, click it, which will take you to the next page.
  3. Then write the vehicle registration number without any spaces or dashes, accept the terms and conditions and click next.

rego check nsw

4. Then it will provide the desired information about the vehicle mentioned in the below images.

All the Vehicles that are more than five years old must require a basic safety check (pink slip) check before annual renewal registration or transferring registration from interstate.

Visit Rego check official site in NSW

It will redirect you to the registration check page. Enter the NSW vehicle plate number without spaces or dots, for example, ABC123. Tick that I agree to the Terms and Conditions and then click next. It will show all the information.

Rego Renewal Process in NSW

You can renew a vehicle’s registration Rego online by its due date in NSW; there are severe penalties if the police caught you driving without valid registration, so you must renew your booking before the expiry date.

At the time of renewal, you are also allowed to make some changes to any details like the term/duration of the registration period, usage type, at the time of renewing registration.

If you intend to change the previous durations of car registration period online, you must bear in mind;

  • You must buy the equivalent coverage and term of CTP (Compulsory Third Party), GIO CTP
  • The vehicle inspection requirements which are displayed on your renewal registration notice might be affected.

In NSW you are eligible for free vehicle’s registration if you are the Pensioner Concession Cardholder. You may also be entitled to an automatic car registration renewal.

You can visit Renew vehicle registration – pensioner renews a vehicle registration (pensioner) for more information.

Good news for all drivers who have already spent $1300 ($25 a week) or more in the last year and eagerly looking to know how much is the car registration cost in NSW?

Well, they are all eligible for a free rego in NSW.

Since July 2019 all the driver who already spent $780 ($15 a week) or more in the last year, they are entitled to a half-price rego.

Eligibility For Renewing Car Registration in NSW

All vehicles such as cars, motorcycles, caravans, trailers, etc. which are driving on NSW roads, must have a valid registration.

You can easily renew rego NSW online at Service NSW, but in some cases, it is not possible to renew your registration online, you must visit the service center if:

  • Your vehicle had not a valid record for more than three months
  • You requested for a specific plate number for your car within the registration’s renewal period, and still, you didn’t receive a new number plate.

What do you need to renew vehicle registration?

If you are renewing car registration in NSW, you must have these documents;

  • Must have a billing number of your vehicle on your renewal notice.
  • A CTP (Compulsory Third Party) insurance policy, also known as CTP green slip check. You don’t need to provide a CTP insurance if your vehicle is a caravan or a trailer. Your insurance company will send the CTP information to the Roads and Maritimes Services.
  • The duration of your CTP will decide the period of your renewing registration. For example, if you are buying a CTP for six months, then you will have an option to renew your registration for six months.
  • A valid eSafety check/safety inspection report which is also known as a pink slip
  • Your payment details

In most cases, all the light vehicle which are more than five years old need the eSafety inspection report from the service station if;

  • Your vehicle registration’s renewal notice shows that the inspection of the vehicle required and yet your registration period of a car is unchanged.
  • Your renewal registration’s expiry date is more than 12 months, for example, you had a vehicle inspection, and then renewed its registration for six months, and now you are replacing for 12 months.

Process of Rego Renewal in NSW

Renewing a vehicle registration is very easy in NSW, you can do it online at service NSW and click renew online button.

If you are the registered user of My Service NSW, login and then follow the instruction and prompts to complete your renewal.

If you are the first time user, you must sign up at My Services NSW; you must follow these steps:

  • You need a billing number on the renewal notice
  • If you don’t have billing number, you can retrieve by entering your vehicle’s plate number and choose search; it will pop up your billing number
  • After entering the number plate click next, at the next pop window, if you want to change the usage type, you can do it by drop-down menus.
  • If you are a pensioner and want to change the user type to Pensioner, then you must enter your concession details in the next step which can found on your concession card.
  • If you have a couple of green slips (CTP insurance policies), you must choose an appropriate plan.
  • Read all terms and conditions and click accept.
  • In the last stage, you can choose your payment method; select the most suitable for you. If you are selecting the BPAY, bear in mind it may take 2-3 working days. Your registration will not renew until the Roads and Maritime received full payment.
  • Print your renewing receipt if possible or send it to your email.
  • If you don’t have any changes in usage, then a new registration certificate will send to your address within seven days.


  • What are written-off vehicles?

Those vehicles which are completely damaged, or which are beyond repair.  The insurer or car dismantler applies a specific formula according to the Road Transport Act 2013 to the damaged vehicle and then determines if the car should be written off or not.

Once a vehicle is written-off, their registration gets canceled in NSW. Such vehicles cannot be reregistered, except in limited situations, which will be decided by the NSW Road Maritime services.

  • How do I find out if my car is registered in NSW?

NSW would be mentioned on the number plates of the vehicle. Moreover, further details of the car can be checked on the NSW Service official website.

  • How do you find out who a car is registered to?

It’s simple. Just visit the NSW Service official website, enter the registration number of your vehicle click next and the desired result would be displayed. You can even take the print of those details.

  • Can I drive my car on the Rego expiry date NSW?

No, driving vehicle on the expiry date or after expiry is not permitted and is a severe offence. Moreover, after midnight of the expiry date, the registration of the vehicle gets canceled, and you have to re-register the car.

  • What is registration number NSW?

A vehicle registration number (Rego) is a unique number that contains numbers and letters allocated by the relevant motor transport department to the vehicle after registration.

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