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In this article, We will explain everything about CTP green slip insurance, Let’s start with a short story!

James was walking on a pedestrian crossing with food he bought with the last dollar. When he was hit by an unmaintained car driven by an unemployed guy Lucas. James was admitted to the nearest hospital with fatal injuries.

Who will pay for James’ treatment since Lucas is broke? To counter situations like this smoothly CTP insurance was first introduced.

Green Insurance introduction

CTP Green Insurance was introduced on 14 November 1947 in Australia to compensate the people injured or killed in a car accident. The driver of the vehicle causing the injury is being insured against claims for the damage that was caused.

On average, $27 billion costs occur because of car accidents in Australia per year. It could have been a laborious and disorganized way to cover the losses if a systematic approach was not introduced.

To ensure equal, smooth, and extensive coverage of the loss to a third party and in few cases to the at-fault driver due to vehicle accident, CTP was introduced.

It does protect not only the victim but also the at-fault driver from hefty payment.


What is covered under this insurance?

Compensation benefits vary with the intensity of injuries and from state to state. Specific benefits are mentioned later in the article. For now, let’s go through the standard benefits.

  • Reasonable price of Hospital treatment
  • Reasonable cost of Ambulance services
  • Disability Benefits
  • Temporary loss of income allowance
  • Housekeeping Allowance
  • Funeral benefits
  • Death benefits for dependents
  • Compensation for personal injury

Few of CTP’s factors vary from state to state, let’s visit laws and requirements regarding third party insurance in different states of Australia.


CTP Green slip Insurance in NSW

In NSW it is compulsory to purchase CTP insurance before registering your vehicle. To put it simply, in NSW you cannot own a car if you don’t have a CTP insurance policy.

The other regulation which is not common among Australian states is the option to choose among several Insurers.

In New South Wales there are five insurance companies which provide CTP insurance policy, you can avail the insurance service from either of the companies based on your choosing.

The following Insurance companies offer CTP services in NSW:

  2. GIO
  3. NRMA
  4. QBE

In NSW the CTP insurance includes two components: The Third-Party Insurance Scheme and Lifetime care and support scheme.

Lifetime care and support schemes provide more benefits than Third-Party insurance. This is provided to only those who become in need of lifetime care because of a car accident regardless of fault.

Counseling services are also provided to immediate family members of the victim. Who is fatally injured under the Lifetime care and support scheme.



In South Australia, it is compulsory to pay a CTP premium before registering a vehicle.

The following Insurance companies offer CTP services in South Australia:

  1. AABI
  3. QBE
  4. SGIC

Like New South Wales CTP insurance in South Australia covers injuries that occurred in road accidents if the fault of the other party is proved.

The only exception is for children under the age of 16; their damages will be covered even if they are at fault.

Property losses, including vehicle loss, are not covered under the CTP insurance.

Lifetime support is one of the components of CTP insurance. In South Australia, it covers the costs of victims who have sustained serious injuries and require intensive care regardless of fault.

CTP Green Slip in VIC

The sole third-party insurance provider in Victoria is the transport accident commission. TAC is funded through an amount charged with the vehicle registration fee.

The funds cover injuries or death occurred due to road accidents regardless of fault. To claim the compensation fund following condition must be met:

  • The accident has occurred in Victoria.
  • If the accident has occurred in one of the states of Australia other than Victoria, then the vehicle must be Victoria registered.
  • You can also make a claim if someone you represent is involved in a road accident.
  • Cyclists and pedestrians who get injured or die because of a road accident even if they hit a stationary car are also covered.

Like in other states, CTP doesn’t cover losses to properties, including vehicles.

Green Insurance in WA

Insurance Commission of Western Australia is the only Third-party insurance provider in Western Australia. which is funded through an amount paid with the vehicle registration fee, also called ‘Vehicle license fee’ in Western Australia.

This fund covers the claims made against owners or drivers if they are at fault. So it is compulsory to prove the negligence of the driver to avail the compensation.

You can also make a claim if you are partially at fault for the vehicle accident. If your guardian on who you were financially dependent gets fatally injured, you can make a claim under the third-party insurance.

Another condition is that the vehicle must be Western Australia registered.

The loss to the property, including the vehicle, is not covered under the insurance policy.



In Queensland, it is compulsory to have CTP insurance before registering a vehicle.

There are four Insurance companies working under the regulations of Motor Accident Insurance Commission (MAIC) to offer third party insurance in Queensland, namely:

  1. Suncorp
  2. Allianz
  3. RACQ
  4. QBE

MAIC sets floor and ceiling prices for CTP insurance premiums every quarter, which the insurance companies must follow.

In Queensland, you can change your third-party insurance service provider every time you renew your registration.

Like the few other states of Australia, In Queensland, injuries and death costs are covered only when the negligence of the other party is proved.

National Injury Insurance Scheme is operational to cover the costs of those who are catastrophically injured in a road accident in Queensland on a no-fault basis. Still, this scheme doesn’t come with Third-party insurance services.

Sometimes, the victims are unable to identify the vehicles e.g., Hit and run cases. In such situations, the claim is made against Nominal Defendants.

In Queensland, you can still lodge a claim if you are partially at fault though the claim amount may be reduced in such cases.


CTP Green Slip Insurance in TAS

The sole Third-party insurance provider in Tasmania is the Motor Accidents Insurance Board (MAIB). In Tasmania, compensation claims are entertained on a no-fault basis. One can receive the benefits even if he/she is at fault.

Other conditions to apply for the benefits are

  • Tasmanians injured in Tasmania.
  • Tasmania registered vehicles if the accidents happened in other states of Australia.

MAIB is funded through the premium paid with the registration fee of vehicles.


Following benefits are covered under the scheme:

  • Reasonable price of Hospital treatment
  • Reasonable cost of Ambulance services
  • Disability Benefits
  • Temporary loss of income allowance
  • Housekeeping Allowance
  • Funeral benefits
  • Death benefits for dependents
  • Compensation for personal injury

But, MAIB funds do not cover injuries or death unrelated to the accident and damages to personal belongings.

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